Washington Bridge League Solver's Club - Mar/Apr 2014
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Congratulations to Mark Chen who came in first with a score of 480.
Congratulations to Mark Chen who came in first with a score of 480. He wins a free entry to the Unit Game, and will be invited to be on a future panel. Second was Mike Kovacich with a score of 470. Tied for third were Lily Andre, Bob Henry, Ted Ying and Yi Zhong with a score of 460. Tied for seventh were Tom Vinson, Gene Fisher, Barry Bragin, Barbara Israel, Jim Wakefield and Doug Dorland with a score of 450. Tied for thirteenth were Gene Massey, Sonney Taragin, Ron Zucker and Tom Musso with a score of 440. Tied for seventeenth were Hadi Abushakra, Wes Goldberg, Audrey Warren, Sam Kaplan, Albert Lauber, Maryls Moholt, Terry Lavender, Elliot Grant and Walter Kerns with a score of 430. The average score of the 147 solvers was 378. The average score of the experts was 451.

All readers are encouraged to send answers and/or new problems to Steve Robinson, 2891 S. Abingdon St. #A2 Arlington, VA, 22206-1329. In addition to the winner receiving a free play at the WBL Unit Game, Steve will play with anyone who gets a perfect score or who exactly matches all five of his answers. If you send a self-addressed stamped envelope to the above address along with your answers, I will send you a copy of the new problems to ensure that you can meet his next deadline. You can pick up a copy of the problems at the WBL Unit Game in Maryland, and can send answers or requests for problems to robinswr@erols.com. You can also see and answer the problems at the WBL web site. WBL Solvers Club uses Washington Standard as published July 1996. I accept only the first answer from each solver unless it is clear that the solver wants to correct his answer.

I personally score all the problems. If a majority of the solvers vote for an answer, and the answer is reasonable I will give that answer 100 points. I will not give 100 points to an answer that I consider bad no matter how many experts vote for it. There are times when I want to make a point. I will give that answer 100 points and will therefore give the majority answer 90 points. For the other answers I consider how good the answer is and how many experts vote for it for its score. If you submitted an answer that got 20 points, that bid would get a bad score at the table. A good exercise would be to figure out why I gave your answer 20 points. You might have misread the problem.

The book Washington Standard second edition is out. If you are a serious bridge player, this book is a must. You can purchase a copy from Steve for $25.00 whenever you see him or can send him a check for $30.60 which includes $5.60 for priority mail.