Washington Bridge League Solver's Club - Sep/Oct 2012
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Congratulations to Lyle Poe who finished first with a score of 490.
Congratulations to Lyle Poe who came in first with a score of 490. He wins a free entry to the Unit Game, and will be invited to be on a future panel. Tied for second were Sarah Lazarus, Joan Gottlieb, Ed Macarthur, Mike Richey, Rasim Sara, Tom Vinson and Walt Taschek with a score of 480. Tied for ninth were Ernie Bertholomew, Ron Starr, John Kloke, Molly Tinsley, Tracy Brines, Yi Zhong, Rex Settle and Arnold Kling with a score of 470. Tied for seventeenth were Jim Wakefield, Sonney Taragin, Tibor Roberts, Dick Schreitmueller, Seymour Baden, Saul Penn, Ron Destefano, Priscilla Smith, Peter Van Zijl, Frank Guido, Tom Musso, Prahalad Rajkumar, Jeff Zaller, Ram Sarangen, Fred Alanspach, Beverly Flaschentragee, Gareth Birdsall, Bill Bingham and Richard Wimberly with a score of 460. Tied for thirty-sixth were Sven Pride, Walter Kerns, Wrus Kristiansen, Mike Berard, Sam Keiter, Nigel Guthrie, Andy Hawks, Wes Goldberg, Lorraine Blasion, Lloyd Rawley, Bob Landry, Michael Mayer, Karen Heath, and Richard Allison with a score of 450. The average score of the 235 solvers was 396. The average score of the experts was 477.

All readers are encouraged to send answers and/or new problems to Steve Robinson, 2891 S. Abingdon St. #A2 Arlington, VA, 22206-1329. In addition to the winner receiving a free play at the WBL Unit Game, Steve will play with anyone who gets a perfect score or who exactly matches all five of his answers. If you send a self-addressed stamped envelope to the above address along with your answers, I will send you a copy of the new problems to ensure that you can meet his next deadline. You can pick up a copy of the problems at the WBL Unit Game in Maryland, and can send answers or requests for problems to robinswr@erols.com. You can also see and answer the problems at the WBL web site. WBL Solvers Club uses Washington Standard as published July 1996. I accept only the first answer from each solver unless it is clear that the solver wants to correct his answer.

I personally score all the problems. If a majority of the solvers vote for an answer, and the answer is reasonable I will give that answer 100 points. I will not give 100 points to an answer that I consider bad no matter how many experts vote for it. There are times when I want to make a point. I will give that answer 100 points and will therefore give the majority answer 90 points. For the other answers I consider how good the answer is and how many experts vote for it for its score. If you submitted an answer that got 20 points, that bid would get a bad score at the table. A good exercise would be to figure out why I gave your answer 20 points. You might have misread the problem.

The book Washington Standard second edition is out. If you are a serious bridge player, this book is a must. You can purchase a copy from Steve for $25.00 whenever you see him or can send him a check for $30.15 that includes $5.15 for priority mail.